The purpose of Youth United is to bring together like-minded children who hope to play a positive role in the community. Service isn’t just for adults and can actually be the best place for children to create life-long and meaningful friendships.

It’s easy to look at children and see nothing but, children, really. They’re everywhere: whining in the store, tugged hopelessly along by sleep deprived parents who hope they’re tired out by the time they get home. You see them running off to the bus stop, bustling with laughter in the sand pits intensely creating what seems, simple piles of sand.

We see them, but we don’t really see them, just as we really don’t see people around us, not deeply, as each of us deserves to be seen. Children are often invisible, though each one has a story, a past and a view of the world. Children are malleable and if given positive influences throughout their young adult lives they will be more likely to lead successful and meaningful lives. Youth United aims to get kids involved in helping one another at a young age, getting involved and experiencing the rewarding feeling of doing what is right, just, and good. Youth United has so far created dog houses and donation jars for Habitat for Humanity in addition to volunteering on site. Their goals include creating park benches throughout Woodland Park and eventually Teller County. If you know of any children or students who may benefit from a program like this please email or call 719-687-4447