I currently supervise, teach and help Habitat for Humanity partner families. It’s been a very challenging and rewarding experience. In regards to financial management I have had to be hard on the families at times for their best interest and they’ve been in my office yelling or crying. Once you educate them of the importance of clearing their credit and the future challenges of homeownership they really come around. It’s not easy allowing a 23 year old non-homeowner tell you how you should live your life however I’ve created wonderful relationships with the families and they have really started to appreciate and respect me. It’s definitely been one of the greatest experiences of my life so far. In addition to working full time for AmeriCorps, I work 2 other jobs and write for the local newspaper. Time management is definitely my strong point and I am sure I have some talents that will be useful when brought to light.

I am confident, hard working yet relaxed, a great listener and problem solver. I find unique ways to make situations pan out positively and to create partnerships that were once non existent. For example, a future Habitat family applied while living in a hotel paying 900 a month. Around the same time, the staff and I was striving to create a partnership with Colorado Lions Camp to house 2 groups of NCCC members for 12 weeks and then 4 Collegiate Challenge groups after that. While the program director was touring us around the land I noticed a few extra and seemingly empty buildings. I mentioned the family in need of housing until their Habitat home was ready and that lead to yet another amazing partnership. The family has been living there paying affordable rent for the past 5 months and will be moving into their forever home in May! I hope to hone in on my leadership skills as well as create professional relationships with my peers. The team leader experience will further my personal and professional goals in many ways. I would love to serve with AmeriCorps again but want to try something new aside from serving as a VISTA. I have had ‘high team performance’ training and watched as it was implemented at the Habitat for Humanity affiliate. Watching my Executive Director lead us into the successes we are having has been an amazing ride and she has certainly motivated while giving me the necessary skills to be hopefully as effective as her! I want to inspire¬†others like she has for me!