We put out the welcome sign and opened the doors and floors to Catholic University, Hamline University, North Central College, University of Missouri, and Walter Payton College for the Collegiate Challenge 2017 and they rocked…LITERALLY!

Here is some of the feedback we received from the national office about their experience.

I had a fantastic experience with Habitat for Humanity Teller, everyday at the site was something to remember. The friendships I made with the other volunteers and the regulars is something I will never forget.
Our affiliate was amazing, very supportive, and very willing to teach us how to do things on the worksite.
The experience i had with Habitat was amazing. Being able to help those in need while also learning and experiencing new things about myself. Also being able to be in a great location such as Colorado having an amazing view while working was incredible.
Woodland Park was incredibly accommodating, beyond our expectations.

Our thanks to them for choosing to perform service during their spring break and for all their hard work and good spirits! We will be hosting Collegiate Challenge at different times in the year, spread the word, and come join in the fun, okay and hard work.