Preparing for a move from Pennsylvania to Colorado was not a walk in the park as I had imagined. There was so much to do in addition to work, internship, seeing friends and family before departure, paperwork, etc. By the last week I was exhausted and ready to just pick up and go without the final and saddest goodbyes. My mom knew just the trick though. For 12 years family vacation consisted of Ocean City, Maryland and we were determined to enjoy family vacation without an important family member; my dad. Though he passed away in 2012, memories were skewed all over that beach and mom and I had a fantastic time re-visiting all of our favorite spots, including Buxy’s Salty Dog (Pittsburgh) Saloon.


Personally, that trip was a realization for me. Though I had a lovely time, I realized all at once that I didn’t belong on the beach. I was ready for a new experience and it felt like the mountains were calling my name. The nights were spent thinking about hiking and skiing. I was eager for a new set of plans, views, and people and that’s exactly what I received. Ask and you shall receive right?