In many affiliates, each committee member assumes a new partner role. This method has advantages:

  • Former partners provide effective training for new committee members
  • Committee members can network during monthly meetings
  • Frustrations and questions can be shared
  • Strategies can be mutually agreed upon by the whole committee

General recruiting suggestions:

  • Consider Habitat homeowners who have lived in their house for a year or more as partner candidates
  • Include the need for partners in your volunteer orientation and recruitment meetings
  • Educate affiliate representatives, including public relations committee members, about the need for partners, and develop language for presentations and press releases to highlight the need for partner volunteers
  • Solicit volunteers from civic groups, churches, social services groups or student groups
  • Advertise
  • Talk with volunteers at job site
  • Encourage churches, businesses, or other organizations that sponsor a house to support the prospective homeowner by recruiting a member of their own to be a partner
  • Use social media