Our Programs

When a family partners with Habitat for Humanity of Teller County, a journey begins out of the cycle of poverty and into a life of stability and community connection.

Benefits of Housing:

Habitat families join a volunteer network devoted to changing lives in Teller County. They become beneficiaries of habitat’s transformative power and its agents, dedicating their time to building homes for others and later, as they repay the loan that funded their house, contributing toward the next home so the process can begin anew.

Homeowners experience immediate benefits from their improved housing situation. Their children are more likely to experience health benefits than their peers who are in poverty housing situations.family construction


  • Reduces health problems by limiting exposure to allergens, neurotoxins, infectious diseases, stressors
  • Frees up family resources for nutritious food and health care expenditures
  • Contributes to health improvements by building greater self-esteem and sense of security and control
  • Creates a healthy network of neighborly people who will push and inspire you

When families in our community have the ability to build a better life story, it benefits everyone. Housing may seem like one piece to the puzzle, but it leads to a more complete, stable picture for Teller County schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods.