How to Apply


Applying for a Home

The application process takes a total of about three months. The construction and sweat equity portion of the process takes a total of five to seven months. Expect the total time from application to move-in to be about 9 months. Here are the steps in applying for a Habitat Home:

Step 1: Apply for a Habitat Home

Once you find a home that you are interested in applying for, begin the process by applying for the home. Habitat for Humanity of Teller County holds five to six Application periods every year. These are times when families are invited to our office to see plans for the upcoming homes, learn more about partnering with Habitat, and fill out the application. Applications are available in print format and can be delivered or mailed to our office.the-rohmans

You will not need to bring any documents if you attend the application session. You will need to write out your social security number, how much you are currently spending on housing, and your monthly income for everyone in your household over 18. Every applicant will need to sign the application. You can plan for the session to last about 90 minutes.

Step 2: Financial Review

Once you have filled out an application for the home of your choice, Habitat staff will do an initial screening of all the applications. Next, we will invite families who pass the initial screening to continue in the process by providing supportive financial documents. During this time we will also verify your citizenship status. Applicants must be a U.S. citizen or a Legal Permanent Resident with a Green Card to qualify for our program.

We will also pull a soft credit check to evaluate your credit history. We are not looking at your credit score. We are looking to see if you have any debts, collections, judgments, recent bankruptcies, or recent foreclosures.

Step 3: Home Interview

After Habitat staff has verified all of your financial information, we will visit your home to conduct an interview. At this informal, sixty-minute interview we will ask more specifically about your Need for Housing, your Willingness to Partner, and your Ability to Pay.

Step 4: Family Selection Committee

Lastly, Habitat’s Family Selection Committee will look at all qualified families. They will vote to decide which family best meets all of the criteria. During the selection process, they will consider all families in a non-biased format. As an Equal Opportunity Lender, details such as race, national origin, gender, disability, familial status, or other personal information do not affect the decision.

Step 5: Become a Partner Family with Habitat

Families who are selected will become Habitat Partner Families and can begin working on their Partnership Requirements. Because their homes will not be ready for 6-7 months, they are still responsible for their own housing during that time.

Families who are denied any time during the application process or not selected at the selection committee are always welcome to apply again.


Print HFHTC application here!

Same application applies to Neighborhood Revitalization. Please note that you own your home and list the repairs you are seeking help completing.

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