Homebuyer Education

Homeownership is an exciting experience. It can be very challenging, but also provides many opportunities to learn and grow. It is important to understand the benefits and responsibilities of homeownership. Habitat of Teller County has created a Homebuyer Education program to prepare you for these new responsibilities. We focus on hands-on learning opportunities and providing information to help you handle the new challenged of owning a home. This is also an opportunity to develop relationships with volunteers and other families, including your future neighbors.

Partner Families are required to attend these classes prior to closing on their home.

Class is offered Thursday evenings except for two classes:
• 1-1 meetings are individual classes scheduled according to your availability.
• The Home Maintenance class is conducted in the Partner Family’s future home so that it will be as relevant and memorable as possible.

Classes typically run 1-2 hours, depending on how interactive you are during class.

Required classes at Habitat for Humanity of Teller County:

Getting to know you
Discuss Habitat for Humanity’s overall missions, qualifications, expectations. Take the time to get to know each other in the class from stress management conversations.

1-1 Meeting
This is an individual meeting with a Personal Financial Coach. You will talk about budgeting, credit, and other financial planning items. All applicants are required to set up on emeeting with a coach. If you choose to continue to meet with the coach, you may receive sweat equity for up to 2 meetings per person.

This class teaches the benefits of bank accounts, balancing a checkbook, financial survival in the face of catastrophe, selecting a bank, and money saving ideas. Devise monthly spending plan.

Credit & Debt
This class unravels the mysteries of how credit works in the United States. Participants learn how credit affects all financial decisions made in life, and offers valuable tips on how to save money each month by improving credit reports and credit scores. Learn how to prioritize your debt.

Financial Gems
This class provides answer to a number of questions related to your money, such as how to get the best refund during tax season, basic investment and long-term savings ideas, using benefits at your work effectively, and the value of a solid insurance policy.

Good Neighbor
This class provides information about positive communication skills, the importance of community involvement and a broad understanding of city ordinances.

Homeowner Insurance
This class gives future homebuyers the information about developing that they need to understand why homeowner insurance is required, and how much and what types of coverage are needed.

Estate Planning
At this class a volunteer attorney shares information about developing a Last Will and Testament to describe how a person can have their estate distributed and administered after their death.

Mortgages and Closing Documents
Participants will review the contract and the documents involved in the purchase of their home. We discuss the house payment which includes escrows for property taxes and insurance in addition to the principal. It is also used as an opportunity to help you understand what a good deal it is to have a zero interest mortgage.

Home Maintenance & Controlling your energy costs
This class is conducted in the home that Partner Families will purchase shortly before closing. Homebuyers learn about the importance of maintaining their new home, maintenance calendars and checklists, tools needed to maintain the home, and about the warranty on items in their home. In addition, training will be provided about some off the most common home maintenance/repair items including plumbing, weatherization, deadbolts, hanging pictures and towel bars, and patching drywall. Students will learn most effective ways to cut energy costs.

Landscaping Maintenance
Habitat provides landscaping for the homes which includes sod, trees and shrubs. This class provides information about caring for these plants, and keeping up the exterior appearance of your home. You will learn about our additional Habitat Programs including A Brush With Kindness, Critical home repair and Neighborhood Revitalization.

Healthy Living and Cooking
Cripple Creek offers an awesome program that shows you how to shop healthy and on a budget. Families will earn x amount of Sweat Equity Hours for attending x amount of classes.

Living in an Association
This class will introduce homebuyers to Homeowner’s Associations. Info will be provided about what an HOA is, who is involved, and your roles and responsibilities as a member of a HOA. Documents of the HOA will be provided at this meeting.

If you find another class to be beneficial suggest it and you may be able to earn Sweat Equity Hours for attending on your own time.

Note – if you bring in a snack for a class you will earn time towards your Sweat Equity.