Home Ownership


People in our community, and all over the world, partner with Habitat for Humanity to build or improve a place they can call HOME. Habitat homeowners help build their own homes alongside volunteers and pay an affordable mortgage. With our help, Habitat homeowners achieve the strength, stability and independence they need to build a better life for themselves and their families.

What makes your life story great?

For some it’s more time; time to spend furthering education, strengthening family and friend relationships or pursuing a hobby. For many families in Teller County, their stories are filled with time consuming challenges that prevent them from living out their best potential. A fundamental need for decent, affordable housing can hold anyone back from the chance to build their own future.

Habitat aims to improve each individual situation by eliminating obstacles families may overlook or have grown accustomed to. Children sleeping in bathtubs because their parents can’t afford an apartment with enough space. Drafty trailers that cost more than $800 a month to keep warm. Families forced to move and switch schools multiple times a year because their rent continues to rise beyond their paychecks-even with multiple jobs between the adults.

It’s these obstacles that hold Teller County families back from their dreams as they spend valuable time in a constant state of crisis. They are unable to invest fully in their work, their children’s educations, and in their own lives to achieve goals. Some stories lack the hope needed to move forward and improve the situation for themselves and future generations. Habitat for Humanity aims to give families the opportunity to build their own stories within a home that we build together.

Habitat for Humanity of Teller County provides the opportunity for low-income families to partner with us to become homeowners. Through our Homeownership program, we sell homes to qualified families at a 0% interest rate, no down payment, and a set monthly mortgage payment that does not exceed 30% of your gross monthly income. From the time a family applies to when they can move into their home, the process takes about 9 months for new construction and about 5 months for renewed homes.

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