My favorite thing about college was Habitat for Humanity. I decided to get involved my first year at The University of Pittsburgh and still haven’t looked back. Upon graduating I knew I wanted to continuing serving Habitat but I wasn’t sure in which context. As graduation neared I applied for multiple Habitat positions all over the United States and internationally. Phone interviews came easy and I had several job offers in Pittsburgh, Chicago, North Carolina, California, and Colorado. It was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made after my phone interview with the executive director of Habitat for Humanity of Teller County in Colorado with Jamie Caperton. hfh

The interview was that of a conversation with a friend. She maintained her professionalism but really engaged me and took hold of the interview. I instantly liked and respected a voice on the other line of the phone but had no face to the name. I began to research Jamie, the demographics of the town, and again, was captivated. Woodland Park is the biggest town in Teller County and yet is small enough to feel just like home (with the added bonus of gawking at Pikes Peak every morning, afternoon, and evening). Even still, I was totally unaware of what magic I would be taking part in within the Teller County affiliate. Stay tuned for a glimpse!