Service Projects

3 Habitat families have completed their Homebuyer Education program. It was very rewarding to be able to create curriculum which lead to witness families utilizing what they learned. The three families have been working on their credit and continue to bring new files, bills, pay stubs, etc while gaining Sweat Equity. One family just moved into their home and the other two homes will be completed in the spring. It’s be a very exciting and engaging process.

Monitoring the AmeriCorps NCCC group we had from November to December was definitely more work than I had imagined. We had to organize their schedule to complete the most work possible. I was happy to be able to connect them with a new project in development at our affiliate, Neighborhood Revitalization. Neighborhood Revitalization was in the early stages of development since I began my work year. Upon my arrival, I have created documents to make the process smoother while getting the homeowners on board. The first project was to re-paint 5 Habitat houses in Cripple Creek. After finding the painter for the job, we met with every family to explain the NR process as well as sign the binding contract. We are currently working on the second and third homes.

To celebrate the AmeriCorps and Habitat families who completed the education program, I planned a holiday celebration. This was a lot of work from planning the events within the event to seeking item donations for a silent auction. This really, and finally, entailed me getting out in the community. I spoke with most businesses in Woodland Park and informed them of Habitat. I ended my spew of information with a request for a donation. We received 20 donations and raised money that went directly to Habitat. We had food, games, and Santa. I think the families, volunteers, and general community really enjoyed it. I am hoping in January to see more people getting involved.

Our small affiliate had a huge idea. To send out holiday brochures to every home and business in Teller County. This was over 10,000 brochures. I was lucky enough to be able to take the photos for the brochure, help to design it, prepare the brochures, and finally distribute them to the local post offices. Though it was a lot of time and effort, I gained great insight into what truly goes into running a non-profit.