EXTREME MAKEOVER: The Clock Tower Condominiums



Originally built in 1968 as teacher housing, the Lofthouse Motel has been vacant for over ten years, making it a target for squatters, vandals, and bored teenagers. Before work began on the building, a professional hazards removal team came to tear out all the asbestos – now it’s clean and clear! You don’t need a space suit to go inside.


The Clock Tower Condominiums has been completely transformed! The new condominiums boast nine units. Through partnership with the Woodland Park Community Church, two of the units have been designated as transitional housing – the first transitional housing units in Teller County!

Each unit was completely updated and brought up to code, with brand new Whirlpool appliances. The units are right across the street from the Woodland Park Public Library, Memorial Park, the Ute Pass Cultural Center, Midland Pavilion, and just down the street from the Woodland Park High School. And, don’t miss out on spectacular views of Pikes Peak from the balconies.


Artist’s rendering of the completed project:


Home Builders’ Blitz

May 11, the Home Depot provided 200 volunteers and built all of the interior walls in one day as well as landscaping and demo.

Habitat for Humanity of Teller County was one of eight nationally selected affiliates for the 2016 Home Builders’ Blitz. Home Builders’ Blitz is a program within Habitat International which recruits professional builders and contractors, bringing them to the build site for a coordinated build. The Home Builders’ Blitz is a partnership to build, renovate and repair homes across the United States.

To kick things off, the Home Depot Foundation provided 200 volunteers, who built all of the interior walls, started on landscaping, and demolition. Since then, we’ve had the enthusiastic participation of hundreds of community volunteers and local builders. Nine units in nine months!



A huge thank you to all who have supported the Clock Tower Condos!

Many thanks to our generous sponsors!

We could not be completing this project without our wonderful sponsors.   So, when you have a chance please visit, shop, and support all those who have made it possible to build these wonderful homes for families.  Click on their name and visit their website (where applicable) for more information.

Teller County Home Builders

Park State Bank & Trust

Roofing Supply Group

TAMKO Building Products

Foxworth Galbraith

Home Depot

Ply Gem



Whirlpool Corp.



Schneider Electric





Rotary International



Self Made Seamless Gutters

Americorps Vista

Americorps NCCC

The Country Lodge