Solid Ground Reinvestment Fund


A hand up, not a hand out

  • Habitat homeowners attend financial education classes, pay an affordable mortgage, and spend 300-400 hours working on their homes

Habitat for Humanity and local businesses

  • Habitat homeowners pay an affordable mortgage, lasting from 5 – 30 years. During that time, they support and utilize local businesses, such as grocery stores, banks, credit unions, insurance agencies, restaurants, shops, and more.
  • Habitat homeowners maintain stable employment throughout the length of their mortgage.
  • Homeowners are reliable workers who are invested in their community and their home.
  • Home equity is one of the most reliable sources of collateral for bank loans to start new businesses.
  • Homeowners are almost three times more likely to own a business as renters.

In our community

  • Children of homeowners have a higher high school graduation rate than renters.
  • Children of homeowners are more likely to attend college than children of renters.
  • Homeowners are more likely to vote in local and national elections.
  • 4 out of 5 homeowners have decreased their reliance on government assistance programs since moving into their home.
  • 80% of Habitat homeowners feel more financially secure since moving into their homes.

Please contact the Habitat for Humanity office at (719) 687 4447 to learn more about strengthening your community and possible tax incentives for working with Habitat.