We are pleased to announce the Dilliard family has been selected for a Habitat home. Jethro and Suzy Dilliard are new to our community and have lived here for only a year. Both work at the local Walmart. They have three vibrant teenage daughters, Trinity, Liberty and Christin.

The Dilliards moved to Woodland Park from Pensacola, Fla. They have been living at the Bristlecone RV park and are looking forward to joining the Las Casas community. They will be occupying Unit F at Las Casas.

We are still working to complete Phase II of our building at Las Casas. Owners are helping on the work site and also gathering help from their families and friends. We are blessed with help from other community volunteers as well. Our goal is still to finish by the end of July so that the Dilliards and the other two families – Anthonie Turnbull and the Malone family – can move in and begin to make these houses their homes.

(In the photo above, L-R: Trinity, Suzy, Liberty, Jethro and Christin.)

“It makes a heap ’o living to make a house a home.”
— Edgar Albert Guest