DSC_0003When I finally made it to the office Jamie introduced me to the rest of the small Habitat staff and showed me the layout including my own desk! It was so nice and it made me so happy to see that I had my own space. I had not the slightest inkling of the exacerbating, shocking, and amazing experience I was about to throw myself into. We had lunch together and I was informed of the first family to back out of a home. The staff was devastated and even though it was disappointing to learn the news it was also a blessing in disguise. I immediately felt even closer to these potentially three strangers who turned to family as they talked about the woes of this let down. The situation that had occurred entailed a family that backed out two days before the closing papers were to be signed. The volunteers and donors had made special accommodations in addition to handicapped grants that were personally written for the family. They were so upset and worried about the family that turned down such an opportunity.



The “back-up” families, we would soon learn, were the most hands on, energetic and fantastic people. It’s worth reading from here on out!