Habitat for Humanity of Teller County completed Phase II of Las Casas in the fall of 2014. This phase of the project provides homes to three new families as well as new playground and family BBQ areas. Our Executive Director, Jamie hides behind the sign to show off the completed project!




Tristen Miller and her girls

Tristen had been raising her sister’s two daughters since she was fourteen years old. She finished school in Cripple Creek and is now pursuing her Masters Degree in Criminal Justice at the young age of 21! Now that she’s moved into her own home, she will finally be able to adopt her girls and build her own story in her new home.

The Turnbulls

Anthonie Turnbull and his two foster children now call Phase II of Las Casas “home”. Anthonie worked as a Certified Nurse Assistant before becoming a full-time foster parent. He was effected by the flood in Manitou and forced to relocate, choosing Habitat as his forever family. Since moving into Las Casas he’s remained an essential piece to the Habitat puzzle. His computer skills allows for him to help Habitat in the tech department and we are so lucky to have such an outstanding person working hard with us and for us.

Brad, Lauren, Jacob and Avery Choate moved into their home in August, 2017. Brad was in a diving accident which caused him to have to get his leg amputated and become unemployed. When he’s not taking care of the kiddos, Brad builds custom canes for the disabled and helps tremendously on the Habitat job site. Lauren is going to college to get her degree involving disaster relief and response while working at Pizza Hut in Woodland Park.

Susan Cummings, our homeowner services coordinator, helped to unite Habitat with the Choates. She decided to go into Pizza Hut, which is a rare occurrence. She ordered from Lauren and while she was eating she watched Lauren at work. Susan noticed her pleasant personality and hard work ethic; she went back up to the counter to have a conversation after. Lauren proceeded to tell Susan about her family and strong connection and bond with God. Susan suggested that they apply for a Habitat home, and they were in by the end of the week with an application filled out.

Hard-work is a constant with the Choates. They have very strong morals and values that they work hard to instill in their young and malleable children. Avery is a polite, caring, and kind little human who loves to brag about her awesome family and how God is the light in their lives. Jacob is the older brother. He is sweet and smart and also plays lots of sports in addition to regular hide-n-seek games with his little sis.

This family epitomizes unity through the tough times. They are the most energetic and positive people and show tons of gratitude in their lives each day. During the construction process, Brad and Lauren oftentimes visited the build site and had picnics with the children. The Choates are a beautiful and exemplary family to join our Habitat for Humanity community.

Though we haven’t built in Victor as much as the rest of Teller County we do have a forever family nestled away there. The Morrow family have been living in their home for over 15 years and plan to burn their mortgage soon – meaning the house is all paid off!!