Cripple Creek / Victor

The Schiller Family… patience pays off!

Sarah had no family in the area. The extended family that she knew and loved lived in Illinois so she was alone and cold in the small mining town of Victor, CO. Her husband was abusive so Sarah took her 2 small children and began a new life. She had no place to live. Her son, JohnMichael, was suffering with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and her daughter Rachael suffered with asthma. She had a job in a local casino but had very few options for affordable living for her children.

Sarah was strong and committed to do the very best she could for her children. She found an apartment on the 3rd floor of an almost vacant building. It was cold and drafty but it had working appliances and was secure for the kids. The situation was tolerable for Rachael because it was cool but JonMichael suffered with the 3 flights of stairs and a drafty bedroom. Even in these gloomy hard times Sarah was optimistic and wanted to do something special for her kids. She kept her change in a jar on top of the refrigerator to be used only for treats for the children. She didn’t have much but she wanted to give her kids something to show them how special and important they were to her.

Sarah applied for a Habitat for Humanity home in 2003. She was accepted and the process began. But it wasn’t until 2007,  that Sarah and her family were able to move into the  “Neighborhood Block”, a group of revitalized Victorian homes in Cripple Creek.