Today we’re highlighting the last three participants in our Nov. 1 Stilettos & Studs event. It’s an unconventional lineup, featuring only one traditional “Stud,” our first-ever “Stiletto” and a moose, with a variety of extraordinary offerings including stained-glass artwork, a resort vacation, and a local shopping spree.


9 BillK-LoResBill Korst is well-known in the local art community for his creative stained glass artwork. It was a hobby for some 20 years while he worked as a professional pharmacist. But he retired in 2006 to pursue his passion for art on a full-time basis. He currently works out of the Full Spectrum Art Glass Supply & Gallery in Colorado Springs, creating beautiful stained glass artwork for a variety of business and residential clients. Bill specializes in the Tiffany Method, finding inspiration in nature and translating into glass the lush palette of colors found in flowers and plants. His work is increasingly in demand and we are honored to have him join us on Nov. 1. He will be offering two beautiful stained glass pieces. The first features aspen trunks in an elegant 5-by-16 inch wood frame, perfectly capturing the essence of Colorado outdoors and ready to grace your living room wall. The second is a 12-by-14 inch image of a champagne bottle with its cork popping in celebration.


11 Tracy-LoResTracy Vinton is the incredibly talented and inspirational chairperson of this year’s Stilettos & Studs event and the first “Stiletto” that we’ve ever auctioned. She has dedicated countless hours to ensuring that we have a fantastic and successful evening, finding reserves of energy and enthusiasm for Habitat while also working with her husband Dan to open a new store in Florence. The “Barn & Barrel” is rapidly gaining a reputation for its most excellent “farm-fresh to barrel-aged” products, including antique, handcrafted and vintage wares, and Tracy’s popular skincare product line, “Pikes Peak Traders”. When they need a break from the busyness of life, Tracy and Dan like to spend time at their favorite resort in Cabo San Lucas. If you need a getaway too, bid on this luxury package from Tracy. It’s a one-week stay at Club Tesoro at the Wyndam Cabo San Lucas Resort, complete with beautiful views of the Sea of Cortez, excellent local seafood, sunbathing on the beach, swimming, shopping and more.


10 Moose-LoResIn a rare appearance, we will be joined by one of Woodland Park’s most famous celebrities! A born adventurer and well-travelled sophisticate, this connoisseur of fine establishments is famous for making tracks through Woodland Park every February during our Moose is Loose Fest. As the beloved mascot of that event, friends in high places are something this philanthropic stud has made plenty of and, on Nov. 1, the Tweeds Moose will be sharing them all with the highest bidder. Specifically, he will be offering a Moose Bucks celebration spree to give you a chance to enjoy the finest of what our area has to offer – golf packages and guided fishing trips, massage therapy and a day at the spa, overnight at a mountain top retreat and breathtaking views with breakfast, high-end shopping to start your days and fine wine and cuisine to wind down your evenings. This custom Moose package is complete with the Moose’s personal pass, giving you free access to all Moose is Loose Fest events and activities. This is the romantic celebration of a lifetime and one that you will never forget! Dates of availability are Feb. 7 to 22, 2015.


Last year’s Stilettos & Studs event sold out, and you won’t want to miss this year’s fun. Log on here today to buy your tickets and get more details about the event. All proceeds will benefit Habitat for Humanity of Teller County. It’s one of the fun ways you can get involved in our efforts to build homes, lives and hope in this community.