Sweat equity is a homebuyer’s contribution to their housing build/renovation in the form of time and effort. The term “sweat equity” defines the value added to someone’s own house by unpaid work results at a measurable market rate value that increases the value of the housing unit. Be sure to track your hours or you won’t get credit for your time! In Colorado, each volunteer hour is valued at $25.00 as of 2016! This requires signing in on the volunteer timesheets on site or in the office. The moment you think you would like to partner with Habitat we recommend that you commit to working at least one day a week on the jobsite. During the year, there are opportunities to work days other than our regular schedule of Wednesday-Saturday, but don’t count on those days to complete your overall sweat equity requirement, as they occur sporadically.

There are plenty of ways to earn Sweat Equity Hours:


Required: Work directly on the job site.

  • Individuals-300 hours w/100 hours on site.
  • Couples-400 hours w/ 100 hours on site.
  • Please note: For hours that are performed by

Friends & family or other homebuyers’ hours

donated to you, only jobsite hours qualify for

sweat equity credit.

The partnership requirement of sweat equity must be

satisfied within 30 days of closing on your loan.*


Additional Opportunities for homebuyers:

  • Perform administrative work
  • Represent Habitat at events a/o work at Habitat fundraising events
  • Prepare and bring a meal for volunteers (4hrs credit maximum allowed + 2hrs additional credit for homemade cookies and/or brownies). There is a 6-hour maximum credit per meal cooked. Multiple meals can be prepared but be sure and sign up on Better Impact in the volunteer section @Teller habitat.org. There is no tax deduction from Habitat or personally as you are receiving a monetary value for these hours. Foodstuffs are available at the food pantry, to keep your expenditures down.
  • Cleaning, Landscaping & Gardening
  • Create marketing content i.e. blog posts (Facebook, twitter, etc.) press releases, posters


Do you have another skill that could be of benefit to Habitat? Let’s have a conversation to see if we can somehow turn it into Sweat Equity Hours!


*The sweat equity requirement is crucial to our overall program.  Failure to follow through on this commitment could be cause for disqualification as a Partner Homebuyer by the Board of Directors.