Volunteer Position Title: Homeowner Support Committee, Partner Family Mentor

Relationship is key to the success of each homebuyer as he or she moves through the Partnership Program.  Through the work of this Homeowner Support Committee and their efforts to relate to the applicants and empower them by building on their strengths, we believe we will see more success as evidenced in:

 ·         Low delinquency rates – no late payments (mortgage & otherwise)

·         Low foreclosure rates – no delinquency in mortgage payments

·         Pride in homeownership – homes that are well maintained

·         Community Involvement – investing themselves in ongoing volunteer opportunities

With the help of this committee we believe the possibility of lasting relationships will develop with each prospective homeowner and these homeowners will truly become life time partners with the affiliate as a strong relationship is built.  Building good relationships is key to the success of the affiliate as a whole.

This committee will strive to bring awareness to our applicants and potential homebuyers how to invest themselves in our Partnership Program, our mission, and the spirit of Habitat.  Through guidance and education with each approved applicant, the committee has a unique responsibility that requires patience, knowledge, wisdom and belief that all people are to be afforded God’s Grace.

Homeowner support, the people-to-people partnership of Habitat for Humanity of Teller County, is at the heart of our mission of “Putting God’s love into action by bringing people together to build strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter.”

Although, there will be some guidelines provided, each committee member will have authority to think and provide new information and suggestions to HFHTC.  The committee member’s participation will also provide HFHTC markers, which, we will turn into statistics for our fundraising and development efforts.

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