The next week involved a lot of paperwork and working at my other job in town. It was a little silly to me that I had actually started my second job before I began the workload for the job that brought me to Woodland Park. Nevertheless, I worked two jobs just like I had in Pittsburgh however it was a totally new and exciting feeling. Work didn’t feel like work and time went by almost too fast. After discussing my to do list with Jamie I jumped right into meetings, calling families and planning Homeowners classes for the upcoming families that must go through it. There are a lDSC_0062ot of changes and additions being made and it’s been an invigorating process especially after the Groundbreaking of two homes in Sherwood Forest on September 16.

The day did not begin like any other I had experienced before. We were to solicit for volunteers at Charis bible college then set up for the groundbreaking for the Choate and Burnett family.


This day is what inspired me to finally begin my own blog. The Choate family home will be in the woods area of Sherwood Forest. Brad, Lauren, Jacob and Avery all came with their own shovels and a camera man. Their energy was recognizable from the first day they came into the Habitat office. They were so excited to begin the process and Brad had so many important questions. I was able to do what I do best: play with the kiddos! Myself, Avery and Jacob began a rousing game of hide n seek in their new backyard after I explained the layout of their future home. They were so eager and full of life. It really rejuvenated myself and the rest of the HABITAT staff. The photos from the experience almost captured how magical it was. The regular volunteers, Paul, Colleen, Jamie and the families and their friends came for the whole experience as we traveled to the next home. The Barnetts have been working on their application with Jamie almost since she first began as executive director.