Paul Summeril, Site Supervisor

Paul Summeril served as the site supervisor for Phase II of our Las Casas project in Woodland Park and will serve in that capacity for our new project in Cripple Creek, a duplex at 215 Porphyry Street. He has become well-known for his ability to guide our volunteer work crews with a gentle spirit, patience, and dash of humor.

“I have greatly enjoying the relationships formed on the job site,” says Paul. “At Las Casas we had a group of regular volunteers, and it was great getting to know them and working with them as well as with our partner families as they put in their ‘Sweat Equity’ hours. I look forward to working with all the volunteers who will be helping us in Cripple Creek.”

Sweat Equity is one of the requirements that each family must complete to qualify for purchasing a Habitat home. Each family must actively participate by working on the job site and contributing 300-400 hours of Sweat Equity.

Paul points out that in today’s world it seems like technology can pull people further and further apart. In contrast, he notes that working outdoors, together, on a Habitat build project does the opposite, uniting people and bringing them closer together.

Although he was born in San Bernardino, Calif., Paul has long considered Woodland Park to be his home. After a family vacation, his parents set out to raise their sons in a small town mountain environment instead of a big city. They moved their young family to Woodland Park in the early 1980s.

His life has been shaped by a strong belief in Jesus Christ and he has worked to strengthen his commitment to serve God’s creation including His most beloved treasure – people. With the heart of a volunteer, he has served in numerous foreign countries building orphanages, churches, and homes for his fellow man.

After receiving some college education, Paul developed a passion to build custom homes. He proceeded to work in custom home building, learning many skills from several great mentors. Paul has been working in residential construction for 22 years. He continues to build custom homes in addition to his work with Teller Habitat.

Paul also serves in a leadership capacity in his church. He has volunteered in the Colorado State Penitentiary system for over 13 years, encouraging inmates by giving them God’s love. Paul knows and appreciates the importance of providing a helping hand to jump start a good quality of life with a new home. He is excited to be part of building homes for Teller County families by working with Habitat for Humanity.